The Mineral Point Opera House’s biggest production started in May. The directors can’t wait for April, when it’ll be over. That’s when the finishing touches of a $2.25 million renovation are scheduled for completion and the doors will reopen on the 386-seat opera house that had its first show in 1915.
Mineral Point Opera House in midst of multimillion-dollar revival
— Wisconsin State-Journal, Dec 5, 2009

The handsome Mineral Point Opera House started as a vaudeville and performing arts house and continues to feature live performances.
The 10 Most Underrated Towns in Wisconsin
— Wausau Daily Herald, May 18, 2016

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, cities and towns around Wisconsin built theaters and opera houses as a way to display their wealth and sophistication. Most of these theaters were razed long ago. However, some cities and towns around the state – ranging from Stoughton to Viroqua to Manitowoc – have preserved and renovated them, offering visitors contemporary performances and feature films against a backdrop of history.
Wisconsin gives its old theaters a new look
— Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Nov 23, 2012


“Beautiful theatre with a solid schedule of great entertainment. MPOH is a must see if you’re in the Mineral point area.”


“Beautiful room. Thanks for the opportunity to play on your historic stage and work with your talented crew.”


“Beautiful, intimate theater! What a gem!! Saw Cash Box Kings last night and was so thoroughly entertained!! The acoustics were perfect!!”