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I See You’re Wearing Red Shoes

Saturday, 6/23, 7:00pm


Presented by Mineral Point Historical Society

Lecture on Ava Fernekes

Historian Cliff Krainik invites you to attend a forty minute lecture on the high-spirited career of Mineral Point artist, Ava Fernekes. A native of Milwaukee, Ava married the celebrated painter Max Fernekes and moved to Mineral Point in 1940 where she developed her own artistic expression as a painter and potter. From her school house studio outpoured a dazzling array of phantasmagorical creations. But for decades, Ava’s animated artistry stood in the shadow of her husband’s work.

I See You’re Wearing Red Shoes is a fresh re-examination of Ava’s prolific and joyous creations, from her vast series of fun-loving watercolors “Children of the World”, to her exuberant display of rosemaling and whimsical creations in clay.